Please find the download here

Before loading this html page into OBS please change some variables for you setup.

Namely :

  • Pluto network address
  • Date formatting
  • Colors
  • Font


Then in OBS follow these steps


Add source and click on Browser


Give it a name


Load the local file from the location you downloaded it to


Once on the scene we need to crop it a bit to make resizing easier


Hold ALT and click on the middle bottom red square, dragging it up towards the clock

It would start to look like this


Do the same for the middle right side square, holding ALT still and dragging it left till just about the edge of the blue background of the clock.

It should look like this


Now you can let go of ALT and resize it normally.

Once the PTT of the Pluto is triggered the timer will start and reset once PTT goes off again


It keeps the time similarly to the Controller page on pluto