In February of this year a local amateur radio operator contacted me about the Imet-54 radio sonde I had acquired back in 2018.


I fried the poor little thing trying to reverse engineer it so never really got to finishing that quest, fortunately ZR6HVG(Hans) called me up and asked me about my prior sonde venture.

It was soon established that auto_rx can decode Imet-54 radio sondes.

I was quick to deploy a station and have been running a decoder ever since February of 2021.

These are all the balloon landings Ive decoded in that time


My system is a raspberry pi running DietPi and a RTL-SDR v3



connected with some coax to a home made 403MHz Quarter Wave Ground Plane antenna made from some single core copper wire and a female BNC connector.


Here are some balloons from the past few days...


Here is one months worth of plots...


and here is everything since 8 February 2021


It also plots Skew-T


Here also is my reception coverage map